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Great Time to Support Illini Baseball

September 24, 2014

Now is a great time to support Illini Baseball.  The team is off to a great start with their annual Orange and Blue scrimmage series, and are busy prepping for a big trip to the Dominican Republic this November.  This trip is funded by the Dugout Club and your support makes it happen.  Consider making a donation to the club this fall and supporting the team.  Just visit our webpage at http://www.illinidugoutclub.org/Donate.aspx to help out.  Thanks for your support and GO ILLINI Baseball!

School is back and so is the Dugout Club

August 29, 2014

The Dugout Club gets back in session this upcoming Tuesday.  Before you know it, the team will be headed to the Dominican Republic and it will be time for another great Hot Stove Banquet.  So while the fall sports kick off this weekend, don't forget to prepare for another great year of Illini Baseball by supporting the Dugout Club

Welcome coach Spenser Allen to the staff!  Coach Allen joins us from Creighton University and is already on the road preparing to land us some great young men.  Great to have you Spenser! Click Here for More

Hot Stove Helps Push for the Trip to DR

February 8, 2014

The Hot Stove Banquet was a great success and helped raise much needed funds for the Illini Baseball team's upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic.  The trip will take place over the Thanksgiving break later this year.  There is still time to help the Dugout Club raise the necessary funds to make the trip a success.  To help visit the Donate page and chip in to help the team.  If you were not able to bake the banquet and want to help, there is still time.  Thanks to all Dugout Club members and Illini Baseball supporters who have made this campaign a great success.  Go Illini!

Great Turnout for 2014 Hot Stove Banquet

January 23, 2014

The weather may have been cold but it was hot inside the I Hotel and Conference Center as the Illini Dugout Club hosted the annual Hot Stove Banquet.  This years speaker was former Illini and San Diego Padre Chris Robinson, who entertained and touched the crowd with his stories of personal success and challenge throughout his career.

For a gallery of pictures visit the Media page.  Photos courtesy of Thomas at Illinois Baseball Report.

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Illini Dugout Club

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The Dugout Club is the official organization devoted to supporting the University of Illinois varsity baseball program. Your membership and support is used to facilitate valuable activities and operations that enhance the quality of the Illini baseball experience. By joining the Dugout Club you can have a direct impact on the program while showing your support for Illini athletics. Members are rewarded by gaining access to premium content including interviews, photos, video, and face-to-face contact with the team and the coaching staff.

Exciting New Projects

The team is planning an exciting trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2014.  Funds from the Dugout Club will make this trip possible.  Get on board today and help the Dugout Club help the Illini Baseball Team make this trip a great experience.  You can sponsor a player, or just make a donation to help make sure that the team has a great experience.

Making a Difference

All of the Illini sports programs need a little support to do great things. The Dugout Club makes a difference in the baseball program by coordinating fundraising events like the Hot Stove Banquet. It also funds the Senior Dinner which recognizes the contributions of the Illini players who are departing the program. When the team makes a difference in the community, the Dugout Club is there to help with projects like the Food Drive for Harrisburg and Honor and Serve Day. In addition, funds from the Dugout Club were used in the near future to help put the finishing touches on the New Team Clubhouse.  Your membership makes a difference in the lives of the players and makes possible worthwhile initiatives that benefit others in the community.


We Appreciate Your Support

Illinois baseball is a proud program with a great history. The Dugout Club is vital in helping to ensure that the team’s high standard is maintained by providing physical and financial support to the program. Your support of Illini baseball is recognized and appreciated by all of the Illini players and coaches who have ever worn the Illini uniform. Go Illini!